You are presented with some random cards. Click one to play it and response card will be revealed. You can also click on a pile to draw a new card.

Your goal is to deduct rules of the game. Once you use all available actions (by playing or drawing cards) roles will be switched. You will be presented a random card and you must present a response card according to the unspoken rules of the game. 

Rules change each game and difficulty varies so try again if you did not succeed on the first try.

Game mas wade for a 3-hour game jam (Trijam) for subject: Not the game you thought it was. Optional challenges completed:
- Make a game within a game
- Share the source code of your project
Only asset used is the font licensed under GPL and OFL: "Linux Libertine" by Philipp H. Poll

GenrePuzzle, Card Game
Made withUnity
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 454 kB


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Cool idea, but I'm finding it way too hard... I identify a clear pattern each game, but when I repeat it my first card always comes up wrong...


Thanks! Yep, some balancing curve that adapts to the player would be needed. I thought I made it too easy cause my girlfriend was doing it almost effortlessly. Yet it is just a simple concept for a game jam which I will not be developing further.